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Everybody Dance and Sing

Nicholas Magrey
16 September 1986
What more could you want to know? Curiosity keeps us going.

Friends only, fuckers.

Terrorism is the worst way to make your voice heard.
Instead of killing innocents, try and learn from them.

acting, adam west, aim, alfred hitchcock, american beauty, american idol, american life, anthony hopkins, argentina, austin powers, b-a-n-a-n-a-s, babies, batman, bea arthur, bedtime stories, betty white, blonde ambition, booze, bottled water, candles, candy, catherine zeta jones, charlotte's web, cheese, chicago, chicken, chinese food, chocolate pudding, chopsticks, clothes, comedy, confessions on a dancefloor, controversy, courtney cox, cuddling, days of our lives, denny's, desperate housewives, desperately seeking susan, dick tracy, die another day, disco, elle driver, ellen degeneres, envelopes, erotica, estelle getty, evian, evita, evita peron, express for men, family guy, finding nemo, ghosts, ghv2, golden girls, goldfish, gone, guess jeans, guy richie, gypsy, halloween, halloween movies, hi guys, hollywood, i ♥ madonna, i'm breathless, icons, immaculate collection, independent movies, insense, into the woods, jamie lee curtis, janet leigh, jodie foster, julie newmar, kill bill, lightbulbs, like a prayer, like a virgin, little shop of horrors, madonna, maggie simpson, marcia cross, marilyn monroe, mario kart: double dash, maroon 5, martinis, maverick, meditation, money, movies, music, myself, mysterys, neve campbell, noises off, oh's cereal, oprah, panic room, paper, partying, paula abdul, pee-wee herman, performing, pho, photos, pictures, pilates, poker, popcorn, producing, psycho, questions, ralph lauren, ray of light, re-invention, rice, rosie o'donnell, rue mclanahan, sangwiches, scream, screaming bill, sexuality, shopping, silence of the lambs, singing, sociology, something to remember, stewie griffin, sweaters, swept away, tacos, thai food, the beatles, the color red, the girlie show, the next best thing, the producers, the simpsons, the sims 2, theatre, tracey ullman, true blue, truth or dare, vogue, water, writing, x-static process, yoga